The Jetsons Music Presents The Constellations Promo Mix


Just coming off the release of the WTRWRLD smash hit “After Hours” The Jetsons look to stay hot with another drop for the early Fall Season. This offering is called The Jetsons Present Constellations The Promo Mix, which is a mix of songs that will appear on the upcoming Jetsons ‘beat album’ titled “Constellations”. The Jetons Present The Constellations Promo Mix is linked below and is free for download so make sure that you dont forget to follow, comment, repost, and share! Major thanks to Hunter Reece of WTRWRLD for the album artwork for the promo mix. This is just a preview for the upcoming Beat Album “Constellations” so try and keep up with us as take it up another notch and make waves in with another unforgettable release. Signing off for now.. Catch us in the milky way.. The Jetsons Over and out.


Official Track Listing:



Legs Shakin’

Ursa Major

Almost Famous


My Love


After Hours




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