The Jetsons Music Present “Pegasus” & “Lynx” (Constellations)


..Guess who’s back at it? Yep The Jetsons Music is back at it. And this time with an all new beat album entitled “Constellations” which will be available in digital format February 6th, 2015! We dropped “The Jetsons Music Presents Constellations Promo Mix” at the end of the third quarter and heard alot of great feedback, so we cant wait to open our endless musical vault once again and unveil some of our very most wonderful works of art. “Constellations” is an all Instrumental EP Produced by none other than the sun and the moon, M1ck & Fats better known as The Jetsons Music in which each song is given the name of a constellation in space. Before the actual release of the project we wanted to upload a couple of the songs which are linked below. Each and every beat selected for “Constellations” was in development starting back in third quarter of 2014 and were 10 of the very best songs the two world class super producers had ever put together. The two songs uploaded today for your pleasure and enjoyment are “Pegasus’ & “Lynx” and you can listen to both simply by clicking the link below and Please oh Please feel free to share, promote, download, write to, remix, create choreography to and spread the word too! The Jetsons are just getting ready to rally for 2015 and we have soo much more in store for each and everyone of you. Thank you all for continuing to join us on our endless journey and we have a ton more New Music coming soon so if you would please stay dialed in with us as we engage our warp drives and continue to supply superior music production for the future Yep Yep!


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