“After Hours” – WTRWRLD (Prod. By The Jetsons)


Exciting news for all you sports fans today! The Jetsons really took it up a notch at the end of August with an awesome new music collabo release with a very talented band called WTRWRLD. The trak released is called “After Hours” and is a sexy invitation to an all night after hours escapade that doesn’t stop until the sun comes up. “After Hours” is the collaborative effort of the 2 genius minds of WTRWRLD and The Jetsons Music combined. The song is a futuristic page from the shades of grey trilogy that from beginning to end expels everything from sexy space age tone lines to heavy bass drops loud enough to blow the speakers in your headphones! The Jetsons Music and WTRWRLD have made something truly special with this record and we all really hope that you all enjoy the song as much as we do. Major thanks to everyone involved Jimmy P and Mickey Skateboard Majors (look for Mickys brief cameo in the music video) on the beat Fat shouts to Phantom Studios and also fat shouts to Xac White for Directing and Producing the music video and Hunter “Young Hunnid” Reece for writing the song. The song and video have been linked below please feel free to comment, like, share, follow, and subscribe and so on.. Not to blow any secret projects in the works but this is just the beginning for The Jetsons Music & WTRWRLD so stay tuned for more music from these 2 talented musical titans coming soon. So keep your space helmets on tight and as always we appreciate you all for sticking with us as we continue to deliver superior music production for the future.



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