L.D.D.L. – Rob4Real


Rob4Real dropped his remarkable debut album L.D.D.L. (Love, Drugs, Dreams, Lust), which was released earlier this year on 2-27-2015 and contains 22 out of this world songs including 2 produced by yours truly The Jetsons Music. Rob4Real is a friend of ours so excuse any bias but he his easily one the rapidly emerging fresh young faces of the ever-growing hip-hop movement in Colorado, who is on the verge stealing your girl and super-stardom! There are alot of amazing songs on Groovy Bobs album L.D.D.L. but The two records that we want you guys to all check out are titled “F**k 12” & “Envy”. Both of the songs really give Rob a platform to display his versatility and incredible way with words, which infused with a little music magic from The Jetsons would make for a power house of content for any listener. We wanna thank Rob for having us on the project and also thank everyone involved on the album, we truly appreciate the opportunity to be on this epic work of art L.D.D.L. You can find plenty of links to the album and the songs produced by The Jetsons Music listed below, thanks to all the listeners and supporters of both The Jetsons Music and Rob4Real welcome to the D.O.P.E. GAME all day, we know you will enjoy please feel free to share the music and spread the word too! Jimmy Fat Guy And Mickey Skateboard Majors signing off for now, and for the real Jetsons music lovers be on the look out for The Jetsons Music Presents Constellations 1.5 The Deluxe Edition with 5 all new unreleased Constellations songs. Lift off will commence in 3.. 2.. 1..

Pick up your copy today off iTunes now for only $9.99


Or stream it on Spotify before you buy for free!



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