The Jetsons Music Presents Constellations.



Hear Yee! Hear Yee!! The Jetsons Presents Constellations is now available in MP3 Digital Format! Please excuse the delay in blogging the official release but on Friday 2/06/2015, The Jetsons Presents Constellations fell from the heavens above. “Constellations” is an all Instrumental EP Exec. Produced by a couple of the brightest stars in sky, Michael James & James Pricco better known as The Jetsons Music. Inside this celestial sphere of an album every song on the EP is given the title of a Constellation in space. All of the records used for “Constellations” had been in development starting back in Summer & Autumn seasons of 2014, and were selected as the best amongst the groups most recent productions to be inserted in this all new super exciting installment and may very well be the best instrumental offerings produced by the two super star producers to date! Jimm & Mick have once more aligned their inter-stellar vision on what can only be called the greatest Jetsons Music Instrumental release ever! Constellatons captures each listener with even more Out of This World Brilliant Splashes of Astonishing Musical Color Painted Across the Universe. The late latin term ‘constellātiō’ can be translated as “set of stars”. The term was first used in astrology, of asterisms that apparently exerted influence, attested in Ammanus (4th century). In english the term was used starting from the 14th century, also in astrology, of “conjunctions of planets”. The modern system of constellations used in astronomy employs the latter concept. For example, the asterism known as the Big Dipper comprises the seven brightest stars in the IAU constellation (area) Ursa Major. Usually the only thing the stars in a constellation have in common is that they appear near each other in the sky when viewed from the Earth. So its like your position indirectly controls your perception beacuse In space, the stars in a constellation can be very far away from each other, because a bright star very far away is as visible to an observer on the Earth as a dim star closer to the Earth. Constellations whose stars are “near” each other include the five central stars of the Big Dipper in the constellation of Ursa Major. Since stars travel on their own orbits through their galaxy, constellations change slowly and can even disappear but that could possibly take tens of thousands of years and certainly won’t ever happen to any of the songs on this EP! And so for you we have linked below the trak list for Constellations Click on the links below to get your free copy now and Please feel free to share, promote, download, write to, remix, create choreography to and spread the word too! The Jetsons Music is just taking it up a notch in 2015 and we have soo much more music in store for each of you. Please know this is just the very beginning for us and we have lots of Wonderful New Music coming soon soo as always please stay dialed in with us as we continue to deliver superior music production for the future Yezzzurrr!!


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