The Jetsons Music Featured On Knoxtronica Presents Volume 2.


The Year 2014 has arrived and along with it comes incredible new music from your favorite inter-planetary music producers The Jetsons Jim & MIke. 2013 was such an amazingly productive year for both Mick Majors And FatGuyJim but theres is still so much more in store for the future. This latest release from the two best producers this side of mars is an instrumental featured on a Colossal Various Artist Compilation called “Knoxtronica Presents Volume 2” Our record is the very first trak on album and definitely sets the tone for the whole project. Knoxtronica is a Knoxville based electronic music company that has compiled 8 original tracks from local and regional producers to create an unforgettable work of art. All of these artists have offered incredible music and have proven to be some of the region’s best producers Special thanks to everyone apart of the project and everyone over at Knoxtronica!

Here’s the track listing:

The Jetsons Music– Lust 
Boss Awesome – Collective Unconscious 
MTBL – Dutches (ft. Marvelous)
Fishermen – Now Tuned In (ft. Ryan King)
Moniker– Creeper
Subsurgence – Blowkane
Grim – Invasion ( BassLikeDreamz Remix)
CONTRA – Caliph (Crafty Remix)


Hear the album now only at this location!


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