The Jetsons Return With 2 New Release Traks!


Yes yes ya’ll your two favorite inter-stellar music producer super duo Majors x FATS, better known as The Jetsons are back with 2 all new unreleased beats fresh from the Wonderful World of Jim and Mike. The 2 new Traks are titled “APEXXX” & “Space Sex Sounds Like MAYHEM” and are the only official music drops from The Jetsons since the previous instrumental EP album release of “COLOUR’ back in February, 2013. The Brilliance of both songs is ever-apparent as always with every installment from Jim & Mike and these polished works of art do NOT disappoint ! “APEXXX” is a dreamy sleek hip-hop/ pop production while “Space Sex” is a radiant and powerful  Rnb/ Electronic song incased with a brillint dance lead. Be sure to check the 2 new installments from The Jetsons at our SoundCloud and be prepared the second coming release of “COLOUR” as “COLOUR The Deluxe Edition” that will be available for listen and download on 06/28/2013 will feature all 10 original “COLOURS” and 5 bonus unreleased “COLOURS” such as Black, Gold, Sapphire etc. We have no plans to slow down this year and will do our best to continue to create music for the future and forever please don’t forget to Rate, Comment, Contact and Share The Jetsons Music peace and love to you all and we will see you somewhere in the Milky Way!




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