The Jetsons Present COLOUR an Instrumental EP

Jim & Mike also known as The Jetsons have gathered great momentum going into 2013 and plan to keep it building the whole year through. The Jetsons have unveiled more hott, new, out of this world music with a new  space-age soundscaped instrumental EP called “COLOUR”. “COLOUR” will feature 10 full length instrumentals and will be available for free download in late February. “COLOUR” is  based on synesthesia, a neurological phenomenon described as the outcome when “one sense gets more information than what’s intended”, stimulated by sensory deprivation. Its something like where every color may invoke a certain feeling just like every song gives off a certain mood or vibe, it is a mixture of senses that causes a person to experience colorful hearing and auditory visions. You all can hear/see a preview of “COLOUR” with 4 of 10 tracks uploaded to generate some buzz about the project are linked below on and Give a listen to the “COLOURS” Red, Blue, White, & Green & Please feel free to share, download, and spread the word! We have soo much more to come soon so please stay dialed in with us as we continue to deliver great music production for the future yezzurr! 


One response to “The Jetsons Present COLOUR an Instrumental EP

  1. Hey man I heard your joints and I would love to do a collab. I’ve worked with 3ye Candii, Tiffy ri, and smooky and I would love to spit for you check out my sound cloud you won’t be disappointed I think we could kill it thanks
    -Kev Evan

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