The Jetsons 2013 Super Trill Trap Mix Available on SoundCloud.Com

The Year 2013 has opened up with wonderful new promise as we near ever closer to the release of new music from your favorite inter-planetary music producers The Jetsons and 2012 proved to be a massive year for both Mick Majors And FatGuyJim but theres is still so much in store for the future! The Jetsons had previously threaten to release Hott Neww Music after reaching ‘100 likes’ on FaceBook.Com which was accomplished and a very heavy shot-out to everybody who helped us get there with 100 likes for The Jetsons on FB! The Mix recently released on dosen’t disappoint and maybe one of the most popular release to come from the jetsons to date! Visit our page or click play on the link below to hear the New Trap Mix Now! The Mix contains Some Real Trizzap traks that are not produced by the Jetsons and some Out of this world new material from The Jetsons. Our Facebook fan base is Truly meaningful for us and we value each and everyone like. It is at just 100 now but who knows what we can reach by demonstrating that all this hard work in the studio will definitely pay off! Thanks and Love to our haters and supporters we are nothing without you see you all in space yezzurrr!!


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