The Jetsons Add a New Member!

We all can agree that good things dont last forever but In fact we can all also agree that its ok to let go of a good thing for something better and As Fall has come Along with that came a change in Members of your 2 favorite inter-planetary  music producers The Jetsons!  Former-Member Walt Drayton has been let go and replaced by New Member Jimmy Pricco. The Jetsons Music you have come to enjoy and appreciate will not cease. Be prepared for The madness & mayhem that these two brilliant minds combined can create! The New member of The Jetsons is  Producer/Mogul/DJ Jim F A T S of Knoxville, Tennessee check out his soundcloud below. The Two are originally from the same home planet and have reconnected to unleash brilliant Splashes of Astonishing musical Color across the universe! Strap on your space helmets we’re just about to take off!


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