Lupe Reveals “I’m Beamin'” Is A 150K$ Record.

Lupe Fiasco visited the HOT 93.7 Morning Show crew where he talked about the leaked records including ‘I’m Beaming’,. “I don’t care what nobody says, it hurts, you got some people that don’t believe in paying for music, they believe their music should be free, I don’t believe that, It takes money to make it so you should at least be able to get the money back that you put into a track”. He also revealed that he has put his own money to shoot the I’m Beaming video which is a 150.000 $ record, “It was never in the pipeline for the label to do anything with ‘I’m Beaming’, I was telling the label to put it on iTunes to lets do something with it, because you don’t wanna lose this 150.000 $ record, it’s a Neptunes record, they don’t play!”. You can get below the HOT 93.7 Morning Show Interview.

Those who are waiting for an album from Child Rebel Soldier, will have to be patient. The rappers’ all-star collaboration has been delayed due to other projects that have taken priority. “I think the Jay-Z/Kanye collabo [Watch The Throne] kinda was like, ‘Aww man, aww no,’” Lupe told “The Morning Crew“Whenever we get to go in [the studio] and have the time and the opportunity to do it, we’re always working on some other project. Pharrell gon’ do a soundtrack for a movie, Kanye does another project.” Their collaborations are consisting of one-off records as opposed to a cohesive project. “It’s becoming less of an album and more of everytime we do a song together—me, ‘Ye, and Pharrell, a CRS thing,” explained Lupe. Thanks to VandG.


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