The Jetsons Music Presents The Constellations Promo Mix


Just coming off the release of the WTRWRLD smash hit “After Hours” The Jetsons look to stay hot with another drop for the early Fall Season. This offering is called The Jetsons Present Constellations The Promo Mix, which is a mix of songs that will appear on the upcoming Jetsons ‘beat album’ titled “Constellations”. The Jetons Present The Constellations Promo Mix is linked below and is free for download so make sure that you dont forget to follow, comment, repost, and share! Major thanks to Hunter Reece of WTRWRLD for the album artwork for the promo mix. This is just a preview for the upcoming Beat Album “Constellations” so try and keep up with us as take it up another notch and make waves in with another unforgettable release. Signing off for now.. Catch us in the milky way.. The Jetsons Over and out.


Official Track Listing:



Legs Shakin’

Ursa Major

Almost Famous


My Love


After Hours



“After Hours” – WTRWRLD (Prod. By The Jetsons)


Exciting news for all you sports fans today! The Jetsons really took it up a notch at the end of August with an awesome new music collabo release with a very talented band called WTRWRLD. The trak released is called “After Hours” and is a sexy invitation to an all night after hours escapade that doesn’t stop until the sun comes up. “After Hours” is the collaborative effort of the 2 genius minds of WTRWRLD and The Jetsons Music combined. The song is a futuristic page from the shades of grey trilogy that from beginning to end expels everything from sexy space age tone lines to heavy bass drops loud enough to blow the speakers in your headphones! The Jetsons Music and WTRWRLD have made something truly special with this record and we all really hope that you all enjoy the song as much as we do. Major thanks to everyone involved Jimmy P and Mickey Skateboard Majors (look for Mickys brief cameo in the music video) on the beat Fat shouts to Phantom Studios and also fat shouts to Xac White for Directing and Producing the music video and Hunter “Young Hunnid” Reece for writing the song. The song and video have been linked below please feel free to comment, like, share, follow, and subscribe and so on.. Not to blow any secret projects in the works but this is just the beginning for The Jetsons Music & WTRWRLD so stay tuned for more music from these 2 talented musical titans coming soon. So keep your space helmets on tight and as always we appreciate you all for sticking with us as we continue to deliver superior music production for the future.


The Jetsons Music Presents: The 7 Deadly Sins




Yes Yes Ya’ll the rumors are true! The Jetsins Presents The 7 Deadly Sins is now available! We had been dropping hints here and there and on Friday 2/28/2014, 7 Deadly Sins finally arrived. The 7 Deadly Sins is an all Instrumental EP Produced by none other than the sun and the moon, Jim & Mike better known as The Jetsins in which each beat is given a title of each of the Deadly sins giving them new life through timeless musical composition. Each and every trak used for this project was in development starting back in Summer of 2013 and were hand chosen by Mick and Fats to be the 7 newest and best instrumental offerings produced by the two to date. Jimm & Mick have once again aligned their vision on what you can expect to be the greatest Jetsons Music release of all time. 7 Deadly Sins blasts off again with even more Out of This World Brilliant Splashes of Astonishing Musical Color Painted Across the Universe. Sin as a religious precept is core to understanding the relationship between God and humanity. In Abrahamic contexts, sin is the act of violating God’s will. Sin can also be viewed as anything that disrupts the relationship between a person and God. An early 2nd century document, the Didache, contains a list of five. Origen produced a list of seven and at the end of the 4th century Cassian amended this list of seven. Eventually, the Seven Deadly Sins (or Vices) we know today were defined in the 6th century by Pope Gregory the Great, as a set of negative values: the values that you are supposed to adopt is that you will avoid these things and actually adopt their opposites. Linked below is the trak list for The 7 Deadly Sins Click the link below and Please feel free to share, promote, download, write to, remix, create choreography to and spread the word too! The Jetsins are just getting warmed up in 2014 and we have soo much more in store for everyone of you. Please know this is just the very beginning for us and we have lots of Wonderful New Music coming soon soo as always please stay dialed in with us as we continue to deliver superior music production for the future Yessaa!

1. Anger is the loss of rational self-control and the desire to harm others.

2. Envy is wanting what others have, be it status, abilities, or possessions.

3. Gluttony is the desire to consume more than you require.

4. Greed is the desire for material wealth or gain.

5. Pride is an excessive belief in one’s own abilities.

6. Sloth is laziness and the avoidance of work.

7. Lust is a powerful craving for such as sex, power and money.

JosephA.M. & The Jetsons Present Orbit.


Hello Again Sports fans! Awesome news for you all! On Valentines Day 2/14/2014 the incredible collaborative effort put together by Joseph A.M. , Fat Guy Jim, & Mickey Majors was released as a 4 song EP/Mixtape titled “Orbit”. Now “Orbit” is a wavy space-age Hip-Hop record produced by The Jetsons that offers all new material but is still the same ol’ future music production that many have grown so fond of. The Jetsons come together again to create 4 Intergalactic future (never heard before) super beats and combine forces with the quick tongue, slick witted emcee JosephA.M. to incase this latest project with only hits & bangers! Joseph A.M. truly displays his raw talent, versatility and growth as an emcee through out the entire record. The new music can be heard at the locations linked below and  as always be sure to share, link, and download because you don’t want to miss out on this incredible EP! This project was so amazing to be apart of and so much fun to put together, just want to send a big shout out to everybody involved and say a special thanks to each and everyone of you that supports the music. This EP is just the beginning for 2014 so Please stay tuned in with us as we continue to deliver Music For The Future and look out for the long awaited The Jetsons Music Presents 7 Deadly Sins, which is a 7 trak instrumental EP produced exclusively by Jimmy Fat Guy And Mickey Skateboard Majors due in late February to wrap up the Winter. Lift off will commence in 3.. 2.. 1..

The Jetsons Music Featured On Knoxtronica Presents Volume 2.


The Year 2014 has arrived and along with it comes incredible new music from your favorite inter-planetary music producers The Jetsons Jim & MIke. 2013 was such an amazingly productive year for both Mick Majors And FatGuyJim but theres is still so much more in store for the future. This latest release from the two best producers this side of mars is an instrumental featured on a Colossal Various Artist Compilation called “Knoxtronica Presents Volume 2″ Our record is the very first trak on album and definitely sets the tone for the whole project. Knoxtronica is a Knoxville based electronic music company that has compiled 8 original tracks from local and regional producers to create an unforgettable work of art. All of these artists have offered incredible music and have proven to be some of the region’s best producers Special thanks to everyone apart of the project and everyone over at Knoxtronica!

Here’s the track listing:

The Jetsons Music- Lust 
Boss Awesome – Collective Unconscious 
MTBL – Dutches (ft. Marvelous)
Fishermen – Now Tuned In (ft. Ryan King)
Moniker- Creeper
Subsurgence – Blowkane
Grim – Invasion ( BassLikeDreamz Remix)
CONTRA – Caliph (Crafty Remix)


Hear the album now only at this location!

The Jetsons Music Presents “COLOUR The Deluxe Edition”


The Jetsons Presents COLOUR The Deluxe Edition is now here! For those who don’t already know COLOUR is an all Instrumental EP Produced by the two brightest stars in the sky right now Jim & Mike better known as The Jetsons. The traks chosen for the the deluxe edition of the project are all picked by Mick Majors and JimFats as the best and most recent instrumental offerings produced by the two and include all original COLOURS plus 5 bonus COLOURS. Jim & Mike have come together on what may prove to be the best Jetsons Music release to date. The New Beat Tape blasts off with more Out of This World Brilliant Splashes of Astonishing Musical Color Painted Across the Universe. This latest project was in development since the summer of 2012 and is a space-age soundscaped instrumental EP. “COLOUR The Deluxe Edition” which was acclaimed by DealzMakesBeatz as “COLOURFUL” features 15 full length instrumentals and is available for free download only at our website. “COLOUR The Deluxe Edition” is  based on synesthesia, a neurological phenomenon described as the outcome when “one sense gets more information than what’s intended”, stimulated by sensory deprivation. Its something like where every color may invoke a certain feeling just like every song gives off a certain mood or vibe, it is a mixture of senses that causes a person to experience colorful hearing and auditory visions. Give a listen to the new 5 “COLOURS” linked below and give us some feedback on our soundcloudand facebook sites! WIth this project we open our endless whimsical musical vault yet again unto you all with an all new installment sure to be remembered. Click the link below and Please feel free to share, promote, download, write to, remix, create choreography to and spread the word too! The Jetsons have soo much more in store for everyone of you in 2013 and this is just the very beginning for us and we have lots of Wonderful New Music coming soon aswell so please stay dialed in with us as we continue to deliver superior music production for the future yezzurr!



Live or Die – 3ye Candii Ft. Mikey Ice’iano (Prod. By The Jetsons)

Summer is here and 2013 continues its good start as promised by The Jetsons, This latest drop is another space aged hit brought to you by The Jetsons Music and hip hop/pop artist 3ye Candii. The Trak released is a fresh blend of heavy 808’s, dirty synth lines, and enough power charged vocals to get you out your seat in seconds. Miss 3ye Candii is still at and even better than ever on this record produced by your 2 favorite inter-stellar music producers. Listen to the trak ‘Live or Die’ Ft. Mikey Ice’iano linked below! Watch out for new hot music collabs featuring 3ye Candii as we continue to deliver superior music production for the future.